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Helping you build a successful and sustainable private practice by integrating your unique Matrescence experiences, fostering work-life harmony, and prioritizing a 'you-centered, life first' approach, so you can create a profitable business and be present in those precious moments in your life.

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Are you longing for a fulfilling private practice that aligns with your values and allows you to cherish the precious moments with your loved ones? Are you ready to elevate your practice and find joy in your entrepreneurial journey? 

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Comprehensive, self-paced learning experiences designed to equip you with the essential tools and strategies.



Coaching and strategy planning with a community of therapist-moms who want to launch and scale their private practice.



Consulting, training, + supervision for therapists who want to pursue licensure, and private practice support.

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I’m vanessa,
YOUR NEW private practice bestie

I'm a systems-thinking oriented toddler mom, who learned very early on that I wanted to be present for all things I love—  entrepreneurship made that possible for me.

As a therapist with over a decade of experience, I've worn many hats in the wellness world - from coaching to reiki to managing a wellness center. But it was when I became a mom myself that I realized the unique challenges therapist-moms face in balancing their professional aspirations with the demands of motherhood. Now, I'm passionate about guiding therapist-moms like you to achieve a harmonious work-life blend while building the practice of your dreams.

HYPE GIRL, boy mama, wellness enthusiast, lover, CREATIVE, BADASS

wellthy therapist academy


The premier online platform where modern motherhood and private practice intersect. These programs are designed to empower you with the skills and strategies to launch, optimize, and scale your private practice with ease and confidence, so you can create a life of abundance, wellness, joy, and impact. 


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For therapists, whether you are a mother or not, who are pursing clinical work and would like support, supervision, and/or consulting.


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Bite-sized, interactive workshops delving into the core themes of my services, offering practical tools and actionable insights for therapist-moms looking to elevate their practice and personal fulfillment.

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Welcome to my blog - where motherhood, wellness, and entrepreneurship collide! Follow along for personal anecdotes, practical advice, and inspiration for clinicians in private practice, and mothers navigating matrescence.

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capsule wardrobe for the win

I know this probably isn't new to you, but capsule wardrobe was totally new for me. It was the thing I didn't know I needed, and it has been my saving grace every morning when I start my day.

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Matresence as black women

I knew I felt it, but I didn't know how to name it, and when I found out it was called "Matresense", my world was forever changed. 

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the best weighted blanket

Two winters ago, I was having the worst sleep patterns, and I tried everything— short of Melatonin (another story, another post). This weighted blanket was the one thing that made a difference.

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A systems approach to wellness habits

This quick guide will give you the exact system I use to implement simple, and impactful wellness rituals. Go from being overwhelmed to wellthy with this 7-day reset challenge.

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The "Elevate Your Private Practice" quiz, designed exclusively for therapist-moms who want to create a harmonious blend between building a thriving private practice, prioritizing their well-being, and nurturing a fulfilling family life. Take this insightful 45-second quiz to help you unlock the current private practice pitfalls you are experiencing, and get personalized insights to revolutionize your journey. 

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