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time + task management strategies 

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creative solutions for integrating work and family life

Get the practical strategies you need to streamline your workflow, reduce stress and overwhelm, and reclaim your time and energy for what truly matters: growing your private practice and spending quality time with your family.

Master Your Private Practice: A Guide to Streamlining Your Workflow and Achieving Work-Life Harmony

- Lindsey

"These strategies were so helpful. I was so stressed out trying to do it all and had no real flow. This really helped with the stress so I can spend more quality time with my family, without sacrificing the success of my private practice"

Meet the Founder

Hi, I'm Vanessa, and I'm obsessed with inspiring change.

My heart beats for helping you build a business that's not just profitable but aligns seamlessly with your life. I believe in a 'you-centered, life first' approach, where your practice is a reflection of your values, bringing you joy, harmony, and success.

 When I'm not donning my coaching or therapist hats, you'll find me embracing the chaos of motherhood with my energetic 2-year-old. Motherhood, or as I call it, the grand adventure of Matrescence, has added a layer of determination in me. It birthed a steadfast commitment to ensuring that your business supports your values, wellness, and vision for life.

So, here's to you, to us, and to creating therapy businesses that not only survive but thrive.